Remote work challenges in Customer Service and how to solve them by Cleverly

Tickets have different phases that relate to the current stage of the query within the workflow. Every ticket has an assigned owner, but the owner can be changed at any time. Easily transfer ticket ownership from one department to another, or transfer ownership between agents.

FlexJobs surveyed over 2,000 professionals in February and March of 2022, and two of the top reasons people found a new job were a lack of healthy work-life balance (49%) and no remote work options (43%). Over the past few years, companies have continued to move in the direction of supporting and advocating for remote work. With the Great Resignation came a great realization that working professionals need balance between their work and home lives, or at least to be able to integrate them in a way that works for them. And if that wasn’t realized, professionals were willing to look for a new job. Whether it’s to flee cities with a high cost of living or to find more space to spread out, remote workers are realizing that they have more real estate choices than ever before.

Customer Journey Management: A Key Focus for Stronger Brands

The contact center environment is usually one where team members work in tight spaces using shared equipment. There are a lot of barriers to returning to the office—including restructuring the office for social distancing, alternating and staggering shifts, and increasing sanitation efforts. The transition to overseeing a remote workforce might be daunting, but with the right tech and hardworking employees, it can be a seamless process. In the long run, since many employees now expect remote work opportunities, it’s important to embrace workplace innovation.

This includes GPS tracking for service teams that cover a specific area and job scheduling for easier organisation. And, the mobile app ensures that your employees measure their efforts at any given moment. Document360 is a dedicated knowledge base solution that’s suitable for all companies.

Emphasize transferable skills — even if you don’t have experience

People will expect your customer service and support team to communicate with clarity and efficiency, whether via email, instant messaging, social media, or video conference. The average customer wants to engage with professionals who understand and empathize with their individual needs and experiences. Even onsite customer support reps rarely interact with other team members – they take care of repetitive tasks, type notes into the CRM, handle calls, close tickets, and then answer calls again. Learn how to build and manage a successful remote customer service team with tips on communication, ticketing, analytics, and knowledge management. Discover the advantages of remote work and how LiveAgent can help you streamline your support channels. As part of the corporate social responsibility program of your company, remote customer service workers can minimize their commute and maximize their positive impact on the ecosystem.

Does remote working increase job satisfaction?

A new study found that the ability to work remotely is strongly linked to happiness at work. In a study by Tracking Happiness, 12,455 employees were surveyed about their work conditions. A total of 65.1% of respondents were male, and 34.5% were female.

It’s not uncommon for a business to rely on more than one remote support team. From retentions to technical support and customer success, you may have to manage hundreds of employees at a distance. By implementing project management software, you can take an organised approach and keep an eye on your team through one tool. As a matter of fact, 87% of remote employees feel that video conferencing helps them connect effectively with their managers.

Helps businesses make more informed decisions

In 2020, NordVPN Teams investigated more than 10,000 companies to find out how the shift to remote working has impacted workers across the globe. The company discovered that in some countries, including the United States, Canada, the UK, and Austria, remote jobs have seen workers adding an additional 2.5 hours to their working day. Providing the option to work remotely suits a significant portion of today’s workforce. With technology increasingly capable of accommodating this preference full time, it’s no longer the burden it once was for companies.

You can sort, filter, and manage customer information and profiles all in one place. Genesys has several CS tools, with its Genesys Cloud CX 3 offering a more comprehensive system with voice transcription minutes and workforce engagement management. Larger enterprise-level companies can inquire about a personalized annual commitment.

If not, you can easily create a virtual training environment for those working remotely, so that they can improve their skills and remain informed on your products. Simplify resources and shorten onboarding by letting agents educate themselves. To do this, you’ll need to streamline your knowledge management platform for all teams with essential information, guidelines and how-to’s.

This feature can also use agents’ collective knowledge to automate resolutions for low-touch tickets. Customer service software arms your agents with time-saving tools that boost the employee experience, making them more productive and efficient. When you make their jobs easier, agents can provide the type of customer experience that boosts loyalty and revenue.

Or you might have insights to share that change how your company’s leadership thinks about your ideal buyer persona. One of my favorite parts of working in customer service was being in a position where I could teach a customer something about the product without having to sell them on the solution. In the face of difficult customers or combative language, you’ll need to tap into your sense of self-regulation to calmly and effectively de-escalate customers so you can better assist them. You end up spending hours reading resumes, arranging interviews and communicating back and forth with potential hires to arrange meetings. It’s normal for a company to spend months just trying to fill a single a spot in their team, often because they can’t seem to find the right candidate within their area.

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