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Our aim

Our aim Is to create beautifully landscaped gardens and outside spaces, using materials and techniques that help to reduce the CO2 impact of landscaping, by reducing the amount of materials that are removed from a project and thrown into landfill.
We also increase planting which will absorb CO2 as nature intended, but also using plants that encourage insects and pollinators, helping to maintain the natural variation of fauna that is being lost with modern landscaping practices.
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When we design a garden or outside space, where practical, we will look to include facilities for attracting a wider range of fauna, water conservation and harvesting, increase the use of plants and plant diversity and in domestic settings, vegetable inclusion and composting, and use materials that will have a generally lower CO2 impact than less environmentally friendly options.
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Attracting a wider range of fauna

hard landscaper Southampton

Water conservation and harvesting

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Increase the use of plants

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