We are a team of designers, landscapers and horticulturalists, creating environmentally greener landscapes and gardens.
Our aim is to reduce the environmentally negative impact of creating landscaped gardens and open spaces.
Currently, we work throughout Hampshire on smaller projects, covering all neighbouring counties for larger and commercial projects.
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Who are we?

We are Ecological Landscapes.

A landscape company created by bringing together a team of professionals, with the aim of designing and building beautiful gardens and open spaces that have a reduced impact on the environment, and where possible enhancing the local environment.

Who are we?

The team includes designers, landscapers, traditional build tradesmen, horticulturalists, ecologists, and suppliers that have come together to start to change the practices currently used in landscaping.
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Giving back

Adjusting installation practices and making tree planting donations to The Woodland Trust.
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Giving back Creating

Creating gardens and outside spaces that encourage a wider diversity of flora and fauna.
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Responsible sourcing

Using materials that have a lower negative environmental impact locally, nationally and globally.

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Who are we?

We are dedicated to providing excellent garden design & construction services whilst greatly reducing impact on the environment by using locally sourced and recycled

Reducing CO 2

When we build a garden or outside space, we aim to use local suppliers where practical, using locally sourced materials, recycled materials and finishing materials that have a lower CO2 impact, to ultimately create a space that will encourage relaxation and escapism, whilst enhancing the local area with diversity of design.